Child Support attorney Orange County – Can Help Get A Support Order Modified

Without doubt, child support attorneys are invaluable for a variety of reasons. For example, a family law attorney with expertise in child support would have the ability to deal with non-payment issues but also provide guidance in cases dealing with support order modification. Both of these scenarios can be stressful, especially for the parent who receives support. However, with a reputable attorney, a positive outcome can be achieved.

What is Child Support Modification?

To start, it’s helpful to understand some basics about child support modification. When a couple first splits or divorces, an attorney would provide legal assistance in getting support payments ordered. In this case, the non-custodial parent would be required by law to pay a specific amount of money each month that would be used for expenses directly relating to the child to include food, clothing, education, medical care, housing, and more.Browse Child Support attorney Orange County

To determine the amount of support, most states consider the financial means of both parents but more importantly, the needs of the child. The amount set by the court would be enforced until the child reaches the age of 18 or if a full-time college student, age 21 in most instances. Often, parents pay as ordered and life goes on, but there are instances in which support modification is requested.

Reasons for Child Support Modification

As stated, child support attorneys handle a variety of modification requests. Some of the most common have been listed below:

If there is a substantial increase or decrease of the paying parent’s income then modification might be necessary. When this happens, the paying parent might request either a change in the amount paid or the schedule of payments.

Unexpected expenses can also result in a request for modification of child support. As an example, if the paying parent experiences a serious health problem that requires time away from work or extensive medical care, a petition would be filed. Another example involves the child becoming ill or injured to the point of needing higher than average medical care.

Another instance in which child support attorneys would assist with modification has to do with either parent becoming remarried. For instance, if the household income for the paying parent becomes substantially greater the parent receiving support could file a petition to have the amount of support increased but in comparison if the parent receiving support remarried and the household income increased, the paying parent could request the amount paid to be lowered.

While not common, there are even times when a paying parent asks to have the amount of support increased. This scenario would be for divorced couples who work well as a team and make the child the sole priority.


Remember, modifications to a support order can be sought by both parents as many times necessary until the child reaches age 18. Obviously, some of the reasons are going to be more complex than others but to ensure fairness to the child but also the parents, child support attorneys offer experience in this particular area of family law.