Wisdom Teeth Removal, Treatment and Aftercare

Removal of Wisdom Teeth demands a lot of accuracy. It is safer to get a skilled dental surgeon to cut wisdom tooth. They are capable of removing tooth with high accuracy and can take control of problems if any. Dr Kristian van Mourik is an excellent resource for this. Sometimes there is heavy bleeding while removing, or patients experience low blood pressure or other related risk. Chirurgers are better at handling the problem and not usual dentists. Therefore it is easier to get the extraction from dental surgeons to take care of problems at the time of extraction.

It is also important to trust the dentist or surgeon, because lack of trust can make you less positive towards the dentist and make you feel uncomfortable too. Hence offer your dentist full support as he / she is removing the wisdom tooth and attempting not to feel nervous about the case.

There are instances where wisdom tooth just partly erupts, as it does not completely grow. In such situations it is safer to get a trained surgeon to cut wisdom tooth. In other instances, the wisdom tooth appears horizontally and then it must also be removed quickly, not vertically. An infected tooth of wisdom can be the source of anxiety, and can render eating certain foods unpleasant.

Removal of wisdom teeth or a third molar erupts from 17-25 years of age when the individual is in their late teens or early twenties. With wisdom teeth there is no body function or use so dentists consider extracting them as they may cause problems in later years. These are also vulnerable to dental disease and they have very high chances of clinging on food particles. Until extraction a set of Dental X-Rays along with careful inspection of the wisdom teeth are necessary. Extraction of wisdom teeth at a younger age is less difficult than in later years of life so it is advised that this operation is carried out as early as possible.

At younger age, the healing cycle becomes quicker and easier while it may appear more painful at puberty. There is no particular age for extraction, however, just the need to fix a issue. If wisdom tooth roots are in the formation stage, it is easier to have the extraction, because the extraction will go smoother.