Top Muscle Building Supplements – Know More

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of taking a multi-vitamin / mineral supplement by now. If not, the basic reasoning is that any nutritional shortages you may have are avoided and handled by a multi. Such deficits are the product of a less than optimal diet, as well as some causes outside our influence (lower soil mineral rates, higher modern life stress levels, etc.). Click this page to learn more.

While I wholeheartedly agree with the premise behind recommending a multi-vitamin / mineral as one of the top muscle building supplements, I think it’s not enough just to recommend that you take a multi.

This is because a regular multi prescription actually drives most consumers to go to the grocery store and pick up the cheapest item they are able to find. You might think, “Are not all multi-vitamins the same, since most contain about 100 percent of most nutrients’ daily value?”

This is sadly not the case. We have heard the saying, “You are what you consume.” Sadly for multi-vitamins this isn’t the reality. For multi-vitamins, one more fitting saying is, “You are what you are absorbing.”

You see, there are three reasons why inexpensive, drug-store multis are inferior to multi-vitamins of higher quality and all have to do with nutrient absorption:

  1. Compression Normally supplements are made in the traditional drug store, and you only have to take one tablet a day. There is some extreme intense heating and stretching during the manufacturing process to incorporate all the nutrients into one tablet. This not only destroys some of the delicate vitamins and minerals, but also produces a medication that is so stiff and thick that it can not be broken down and absorbed by your body.
  2. Mineral Forms When you glance at a multi-vitamin label you’ll find different nutrients identified. For example , if you look at magnesium, you’ll see that there are the specific forms of magnesium mentioned in parentheses next to the term “magnesium” The question is that it doesn’t consume all kinds of minerals the same. The commonly used form of oxide actually has the lowest rate of absorption! Remember, if you only absorb a fraction of that, it doesn’t matter if you take 100% of the recommended daily value!
  3. Vitamin overload This is another pill multis issue. They certainly have 100 percent of the daily value of some nutrients, but at one time you get all those nutrients! Know the meaning of Regular is this. That means it should be taken all day, not in one large dose. Such broad once-a-day mega-dose amounts are inadequate for ingestion and maintaining nutrient levels up all day long.

The Solving

There are lots of good multi-vitamin brands available. You won’t likely find them in the drug store, however. Instead, have a look with your doctor. There are brands that only sell their products through medical professionals and they tend to be of superior quality. If you can’t get one of these labels, simply look for a multi-vitamin that requires you to take more than 1 pill a day (the average is normally 4-8). This is a good sign that the content of the vitamin is increasing.

Above all, within the first week of taking a high-quality multi-vitamin you will feel a big change. If you don’t notice an increase in energy and well-being, you’ve made switching necessary.