The Need For Bail Bonds

Bail bonds require a citizen who has been charged and convicted of a criminal act to be released on a large dollar bail without mortgaging their home in the process. A licensed bail bondsman is typically a corporation or individual that serves as a surety in order for the prisoner to be released awaiting court.Do you want to learn more? Visit bail

Because although the perpetrator is meant to be considered innocent unless proved guilty this is not necessarily how the legal system operates. As one instance, if charged, the person is put into custody and held until the court hearing. Clearly there is no presumption of innocence for a criminal who could wind up waiting twenty four hours following their conviction for a trial. So if caught on a Thursday night or over the holiday the twenty four hour delay gets much longer because a criminal won’t see the inside of a trial until Monday.

Bail, the key word of staying out of court is what a prosecutor won’t really be willing to get with a defendant right after the criminal trial is conducted. The Judge will decide if the suspect is a flight risk at the trial and if so, bail will either be refused or priced incredibly high.

Even if the accused isn’t considered a flight risk, most bail amounts are set too high for the average person to come up with. Bail bondsmen earn a money by paying the bail bonds number and making a client turns up for their court date.

The total bail bonds payment is determined by various specific considerations like the form of crime, the defendant’s criminal background, and their links to the community. Even if a bail bondsman does make the bail amount, they can revoke their bond anytime if they want to. Whether you have been watching the current Casey Anthony murder case you undoubtedly know she was charged with the murder of her two year old daughter and originally a bail bondsman put up her bail but then withdrew it.

If a defendant tries to skip bail, a court will sign a bench warrant for their detention and the police and the bail bondsman will be searching for them for skipping bail.

Bondsmen don’t get their bail bonds back if they don’t get their client back. So if a person is detained under a bench warrant for skipping bailFind Report, they would possibly be stuck in a prison cell preparing for a jury and for the court itself.

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