Solar Installation – Choose Only Professional Installers

Solar installers are the men mounting solar panels and solar cells on industrial and residential roofs. Also in this day and age of renewable technology, highly qualified solar installers or solar roofers are hard to locate as they are commonly recognised as. The explanation for that is that they have to have a mix of two competencies; those of the standard roofer, complimented by a solar electrician’s experience.Do you want to learn more? Visit Solar Installation

The industry comprises of essentially two separate forms of solar construction that are being done today; retrofit and combined. Retrofitting occurs where an unused roof occurs installed on a solar panel or panels. Integrated is by integrating solar cells and panels onto the roof of modern buildings.

When a solar panel is retrofitted the solar technician ‘s skills aren’t that necessary because it’s not that hard. Broken down to the simplest this basically involves installing one or two panels onto the current roof and feeding the wires to the battery banks via the wall. A standard roofer might possibly accomplish so, and instead leave the wiring to an electrician.

A downside for retrofitted solar panels is that since solar panels may be large and are more vulnerable to such conditions as; wind, fog, and snow, so that certain residents believe they are unsightly and in certain cases may potentially drag down a property’s value. This is the explanation why integrated solar roofing is rising in popularity quite rapidly. Usually these styles of panels are designed into the building, so the sides are nearly parallel to the rest of the roofline. The solar panels are also less vulnerable to the more extreme conditions and therefore therefore more appealing to the eye but it is also apparent when you have solar panels on the roof.

Manufacturers of solar cells have come up with the innovative solar shingles in answer to this issue. Photovoltaic solar cells are designed into these very smart, very compact solar shingles. Since in design, scale, form and color these solar shingles are the same as standard asphalt shingles they practically go undetected. In this way the solar installer will transform a whole roof into a single big solar panel and offer the appearance of a normal roof (well, from a distance anyway). As this type of roof became increasingly popular, demand for skilled solar installers / roofers has also increased.

Solar panels and solar shingles differ in the same way that the cells are already wired together in the panel, whereas the shingles must be wired in an array as they are fitted to the roof. That means the shingles have to be fitted together and wired before the rest of the roof goes on. This allows the wires from the shingle to run along the roofs ridge cap thus hiding them from bad weather and protecting them against it.