Land Realtors

Is Your Qualified Realtor?

Realtors working on the ground now needs to have more education and land-specific competence. In December 2009 the National Association of Realtors  added the “land” discipline to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics.You may want to check out Franklin TN Realtor Near Me for more.

Article 11, of the Realtor Code of Ethics, states that land is now recognized as a professional specialist service. Article 11 describes that Realtors breaches the Code of Ethics if they participate in a land listing or land deal if they are outside their competency and training level.

Realtors with little or no training and land sales experience need to hire a professional with sufficient brokerage experience, such as a professional Accredited Land Consultant, to assist them if they wish to work on a land-related transaction. Otherwise, the Realtor  must disclose in writing that it does not possess expertise, education or competence so the parties in the deal are aware that the Realtor  with which they work does not have the specific marketing or training knowledge.

Knowledge and experience are among the keys to real estate sales success. An immovable property license allows an agent to sell any kind of property. Most choose a certain area to work in, a particular market and a product to sell. It’s kind of a residential real estate for most Realtors .

The World Organization Land Federation (WOLF), the American Land College, and the Realtors Land Institute each offer advanced land education and marketing courses, lectures and events for real estate practitioners on: (1) farming and ranching; (2) undeveloped land tracts; (3) land transition and development; (4) lot subdivision and wholesale; and (5) lot selection and assembly of sites; (8) Hardwood.

Each of these organizations is able to complete valuable classes of real estate agents and brokers to fully understand all the options and operations within the land brokerage business. And each one offers instruction and mentorship leading to different designations for land brokerage. The certification of the ALC (Accredited Land Consultant) is one such qualification that a land broker may obtain and is representative of a broker who has conducted himself conscientiously to gain a professional’s experience and practice.