How to Remove Dog Hair on the Stairs Carpet

Sure having a fluffy and cute dog in your home will make you happy and cheerful. Animals just have this sort of impact on people, particularly dog lovers. You may want to check out for more. Playing inside the house with your pet dog can make a really fun and enjoyable time but it can also cause a lot of homeowners to have some cleaning issues.

One of the issues of having a fluffy dog inside your home is that a short time before the carpeting on your stairs will start to become full of dog hair. It can make the area look untidy and dirty and if you have guests over can be very unflattering.

It can be difficult to try to avoid dog hair on the carpet on your stairs but there are steps you can take to help make it smoother and more manageable. Follow the guide below to allow you to effectively remove hair from the carpet on your stairs in no time.

  • The first thing you can do is get some of the items you’ll be using to get rid of your dog’s fur on your carpet. For this job you will need some latex gloves and a tiny bucket of water. Once you’ve got these packed, proceed to phase one.
  • Put your hands on the rubber gloves, then wet them inside the water bucket. Using your hand then to form the hair into lumps. It’s suggested that you start going down from the top of the stairs and you’ll be able to clean all of the dog hair on your stairs.
  • After rolling the whole dog’s hair into lumps in one move of the stairs, pick it up and then clean your hands in the water bucket. Make sure your hands are thoroughly rinsed so you can extract all of the hair found there. Dry your hands on a dry cloth before going any further.

  • Work your way down the top step of the stairs and do so before all the fur of the dog is gone. This could take some time but your carpet will soon be clean of any dog hair signs.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner and the stairs and make sure there is no dust left behind.

Removing dog hair from your stairs on the carpet is a very easy job if you obey the above guide. Try it out and see how fast it can really be to get your favorite pet’s hair clean and healthy.