How To Be Invisible To Mosquitoes

Ever question if you really like mosquitoes? If you have smelly feet in specific they will appreciate you. But that’s not the only explanation because, for various motives, these disgusting blood suckers like us all because it’s all focused on scent.If you are looking for more tips, check out

Mosquitoes have hundreds of extra-sensitive hair-like scent receptors on their antennae, according to experts at Vanderbilt University, which offer them the power to ‘smell’ their human victims from large distances. We are not only drawn to the carbon dioxide that we exhale, but people, unlike many animals, contain ammonia from our moisture through our foot odor and lactic acid. Our skin is sort of like a mosquito trap and the mixture of compounds we release provides an enticing all-you-can-eat buffet for a blood-thirsty, starving parasite.

They especially like the ammonia emitted by smelly feet which can explain all the bites around the ankles …

Only females of course feed on humans. We need a blood meal to replicate and if you manage to destroy a mosquito in the middle of the meal and displace a sticky drop of your own blood in the explosive blast, you’ve destroyed a female completely. While you might have the irritating after-effect of an unpleasant, itchy planet, you should be pleased at least by realizing that you spared the earth from a few hundred potential mosquitoes.

And what does understanding the mosquitoes have exceptionally strong smellers mean? The key is masking the odors they like or finding something stronger than the lure of the unmistakable human odors that is a repellent. Either deceive them or drive them backward with something so disrespectful they don’t believe they ‘re going to get through. Is that Science Fiction?

NO!-NO! We do have the capacity to repel insects and to cover up the alluring scent of humans. Who are we asking for, then?

First move is to make an whole change in thought regarding mosquitoes and to throw away the assumption that the solution is toxic chemical pesticides. They just don’t! They function only for a brief amount of time and in the expectation of sustained effectiveness, the manufactures raise the degree of toxicity to the extent that they become more dangerous to humans and the atmosphere but less successful on insect. Synthetic chemical pesticides do not represent a viable mosquito solution.

Second move is to search for healthy, green and natural alternatives. The fact is, Nature provides all the checks and balances we ‘d possibly need, and it’s all about plugging into Nature by utilizing the remedies instead of man-made concoctions. And what’s dangerous to mosquitoes but innocuous to people, wildlife and the rest of the world?

Cedar essential oil is fine! Speak of cedar chests and wardrobes where you never see a fly … Since decades, cedar has been used for insect management and this is because cedar is deadly to rodents. Bingo!-Bingo!

So cedar masks human scent AND it repels mosquitoes since it is the scent of death to them. It’s normal, it has no side effects and it’s harmless to everyone those we love. Choose a simple, ‘natural’ and healthy cedar liquid shape and become invisible to mosquitoes.