Fire Extinguisher Servicing – Advice

The legislation requires the person in charge of every workplace to ensure that the premises are fitted with the appropriate form and quantity of fire fighting equipment and that measures are in place to ensure that they are kept in good working order.You can learn more at Fire Extinguisher Servicing Near Me.

It is important to buy the right amount of fire extinguishers and set them up in the right positions in your premises, but your duties do not stop there. Any fire fighting equipment that has been moved, covered up or that does not function properly, may not be there when a fire breaks out. You need to know that you can go straight to an extinguisher in the event of a fire and it will work properly first time.

This does not place any particularly onerous tasks on business leaders’ shoulders, but it does mean that you need to have proper systems in place to ensure proper maintenance of your equipment. Fire extinguisher repair is one part of the solution and the other is routine in-house inspections.

Only representatives of the appliance supplier or a professionally qualified technician may perform fire extinguisher servicing. There are many companies that specialize in servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers. The simplest solution is to set up a regular inspection and service contract to ensure that your appliances are properly maintained and maintained in good working order. The legislation mandates that a responsible person shall service all appliances at least once a year.

Nevertheless, making just someone look at your extinguishers once a year is not enough in itself to satisfy your obligations. In addition to a qualified company’s annual fire extinguisher operation, you have an obligation to make sure that the devices are inspected much more frequently than this in a basic way.

The exact frequency of checks will depend on the nature of the premises and company, but most places will generally look at not less than once a month. Unlike proper fire extinguisher service, these monthly inspections are fairly basic and can be carried out by your own team member.

The following are some of the things you should be looking for when carrying out these inspections. Check that every extinguisher is where it should be, and was not moved. If there is a pressure gauge on the extinguisher, verify that the pointer indicates that the pressure is what it is supposed to be. Usually this is indicated by the pointer being colored green in an area. An engineer will swapp or test any appliance that indicates something different.