Find Private Investigation Tools

Lawyers hire private investigators to find and interview potential witnesses, because it is cheaper for the client to pay the investigator than to pay the lawyer.

Once the private investigator finds a witness with information valuable to an investigation, then the lawyer may schedule what is known as a deposition for the witness. A deposition is a statement made by a witness under oath. His declaration is either recorded by a tape or video recorder, or registered. Such videos will also be accessed for potential usage in court. Recording a deposition is normal in case the complainant is not present due to an illness. investigateSC

Deposits are lengthy and time-consuming, and allow the court reporter to be available for questions and responses. You should also get the opposing attorney present. The investigator doesn’t want to depose someone in the area where a traffic crash occurred. He also needs to depose the individuals who heard the incident, and that can support his prosecution.

For instance, you, the private investigator, may find a woman who can claim that when he left a party, the driver of one of the cars involved in a multi-vehicle collision you’re examining was inebriated. The driver also caused the crash. Despite not seeing the crash, the witness may testify to the state of the driver before the incident, before he left the party.

You, the professional detective, ought to provide all the correct facts about your company, however positive or unpleasant it might be. But in this situation, your friend, the prosecutor, doesn’t want the opposing side to think there’s a complainant out there that is going to damage his argument. If the defendant obtains negative details about his argument from the complainant, the opposing side will be at the trial and will be informed of it.

You should always log the interview with a digital recorder and insure you have all the relevant facts and do not omit anything from the research. Until conducting an interview, the private investigator may obtain permission from the victim before clicking on the “record” click. However some witnesses are reluctant to allow you to document the conversation.

One tactic which seems to function very well to overcome this argument is to warn the interviewee that the interview would take longer if the private investigator has to write down information from the interview instead of documenting the interview. Just be careful in the way you approach documenting the conversation.