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In my mom’s day they didn’t know from antioxidant skin care products. When people got wrinkled they had face lifts if they could afford it. Visit English Dermatology Mesa. Then along came cosmetic dermatology and savvy young doctors were jumping on the bandwagon. It seemed an easier, cleaner way to make zillions of dollars compared to the blood, gore and lawsuits plastic surgeons had to endure. These new cowboy dermatologists weren’t about to tell patients about getting rid of free radicals the easy and inexpensive way, with effective antioxidant skin care products. Surely they learned about free radical in their medical training. They naturally preferred to come up with exotic torture treatments that had to be repeated again and again. After all, they could charge exorbitant fees. It’s understandable. When my mom had dermabrasion back in the old days she was never warned she would likely develop large pores as time went by. She was told to be careful of the sun, but in a very offhand way. almost as an aside. Having the skin sanded off so new baby skin can come in leaves you totally vulnerable to the sun. Mom should have been warned to stay in a dark cave for a year. She’s been paying the price for a long time, with basal cell carcinomas popping out on her big pores like a teenager breaking out in pimples. In all fairness, they didn’t have amazing antioxidant skin care products then. Science has come a long way so I shouldn’t feel so bitter. I’m just sad my mother had to suffer. Even back then she had to sign a release absolving the dermatologist of all responsibility should anything go wrong during the dermabration. But they shoved the document under her nose moments before she was to have her procedure. She didn’t have time to read it and they knew it. Of course she signed it. This is still happening today with the different laser beauty treatments and mini face peels available. I understand dermatologists are still having one of their underlings shove that paper past you at the last moment. They don’t warn you that you could die, or get burned and maimed for life. But hey, the good doctors have to make a living. At some point mom also had her face shot full of fillers that were later taken off the market for being dangerous. Of course her dermatologist never warned her of any impending problems. How could she have known the stuff would travel and settle in unwanted places? It’s tragic. For my money, I’d rather take care of my aversion to aging without risking my life or my looks. I’ve learned that the right antioxidant skin care products are worth pure gold. New breakthroughs made by a New Zealand company are literally taking years off my face and body. It’s a very sexy feeling to be smooth again.