Breathe Easier With Disposable Face Masks

I’m not the type of person who lives my life in constant concern for germs, or who washes my hands 50 times a day. Yes, after using the bathroom or before meals, I can touch the soap and water but other than that, I abide by the theory that a little dirt never harms anybody. Indeed, being subjected to a number of germs will potentially render the immune system stronger. Of course, this works up to a certain extent, so I take care when I realize I’m going to be subjected to more germs than I should. For eg, I’m sure to bring a couple of disposable face masks with me when I travel or take some type of public transportation.

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Most citizens are acquainted with two styles of face masks required to be disposed of. The first kind of paper or cloth are those thin ones that surgeons use. This mask acts as a very simple shield to the outer world surrounding the mouth and nose. This is the sort of stuff Michael Jackson, pop star, was always captured sporting while he went outdoors. This also prevents you from inhaling toxins and from breathing them in although this security of course applies only to a degree. For example, at a construction site or some other location where airborne debris is likely to be very large, those disposable face masks will not be acceptable.

Then there are plastic face masks meant for more extreme purposes at worksites or where the owner realizes that he or she may come into touch with more harmful germs than those that spread the common cold. Such plastic face masks are crafted from a variety of materials and are formed into a form built to tightly cover the nose and mouth. They often also have a respiratory device on them which are designed to trap in the ambient air more than 99 per cent of the toxins.

N95 disposable face masks are perhaps the most well-known type since, when the swine flu epidemic broke out a few years ago, they were strongly suggested by health experts. That’s the type of mask that I ride with when I move. I don’t usually wear it all the time, so if anyone is crying and vomiting for a long time in my part of the aircraft, you better believe I’ll put the mask on. I don’t matter what people may think, or what weird looks I’m sure I’m going to receive. To me, remaining alive is much more important than the views of other men.

Anyway, disposable face masks are really inexpensive, and there is no excuse not to purchase a kit from them and bring around one or two of them when you travel or are going to be in near contact with a bunch of strangers for a long time. You never know what could happen and staying healthy is certainly better than sorry. That is not to be an alarmist; it is realistic. Like I have said, I generally don’t stress out over germs, but there are certainly occasions when measures are required.